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Recent Forum Posts

· Blue Hippo Tang
    Is there anything special I need to feed him? I put him in the tank about 4 hours ago and he is eating small peices of mysis shrimp ...
· Maroon Clown not eating
    I would feed him mainly brineshrimp. Every couple of days give him a treat of Mysis, Krill, Chopped octopus, Prawns or chopped raw f ...
· Maroon Clown not eating
    My maroon clown is not eating after 5 days. He comes out at night, but I still have not seen him eat. Could he be eating off of the ...
· Peacocks vs Mbuna
    I am debating which ones to get, I do not want to mix them. Which of the two are more aggressive or harder to keep? ...
· Pleco destroying plants
    Try to place rocks down around the base of the plants. This may help to keep the roots guarded and prevent the fish from swimming in ...
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